About Bengal Down Clothing Ltd


Here at Bengal Down Clothing Ltd. we believe there is a market for something slightly different. A brand who can produce individual styles with a discerning critical eye on the quality and design of a simple down coat that aims purely and simply to envelope the (discerning) wearer in a blanket of warmth and protection the like of which has only been dreamt of before.

We can achieve this by ensuring that each and every coat is filled to the brim (500 to 750 grammes, style dependent) of the finest pure duck down, no feathers at all or even any quill shafts.This immediately sets your Bengal Down Clothing coat apart from other brands by ensuring there are no air gaps between you and your coat and it will retain its ‘loft’ and puffyness throughout its life.


All our down is Certified with the ‘Downpass’ certificate so we know it is of European origin and not plucked from live animals. It is also a guarantee of quality.

We use the lightest available satin nylon ‘SIP 4 Skylon’ which is showerproof but breathable and feels as soft as silk to the touch. Again sourced from a UK supplier so we can control quality.


Bengal Down Clothing Ltd. is committed to warming those who live their lives with either partly or permanently reduced mobility. The beautiful model you will see on our site is a Below Knee Amputee who initially contacted us for a down coat to protect her on a planned European tour. We have since formed a fruitful partnership and are proud for Sha Faisha to represent the brand and influence the design of future styles. We think you will see a lot of this beautiful young woman in the future breaking boundaries and taboo’s.

We are not a large corporation, we believe in treating people how we would wish to be treated, so you are invited to contact us with any question, request or comment and we will respond in a polite and timely manner.

Please note that some small amounts of down may escape from the stitching, this is normal and nothing to be worried about.


We look forward to hearing any comments or suggestions, please e-mail us at: [email protected]

Rob and Sha