For 2018 we have decided to manufacture to order only, but all coats will be available in the three colours of Black, Lilac and Purple.

Once again we have secured a ‘bale’ of the most amazing 100% European Duck Down (certified not from live animals) that along with the super soft material we use gives our coats the incredible softness and warmth. One bale of 15Kg only makes 15 coats so that is our total capacity for 2018 / 2019

Our costs have increased significantly unfortunately and we have been left with no choice but to pass these on, we would like to apologise. But our satisfied customers from 2017 will hopefully continue to wear their superior down coats with pride and spread the word of warmth according to Bengal Down Clothing Ltd.

Metro Purple Small (Model Height 153cm)

We are often asked for specials or hoods, but we are sorry that we cannot offer anything other than the standard sizes listed. The cost to manufacture a new pattern is prohibitive because all our coats are handmade by an incredibly skilled seamstress.

We look forward to keeping those willing to invest in our unique puffy coats warm during the coming cold months, enjoy the weather whilst those around you freeze!