Superior Down Coats, Handmade in the UK

Here at Bengal Down Clothing Ltd. we believe there is a market for something slightly different.

A brand who can produce individual styles with a discerning critical eye on the quality and design of a simple coat that aims purely and simply to envelope the (discerning) wearer in a blanket of warmth and protection the like of which has only been dreamt of before.

Bengal Down Clothing has been a labour of love for Sha and myself. I first came across insulated clothes in the 80’s with the ubiquitous Puffa jacket popular with country folk and have never understood why everyone doesn’t have one in their wardrobe.

In the 90’s across Europe the full length version became very fashionable but for some reason they were never became mainstream as they have outside of the U.K. We aim to correct this by offering a coat that is built of the finest quality materials and accessories, it has taken nearly two years to refine the designs and quality to a point where we can reproduce the shape, fit, comfort and feel that we will accept.

The material has to be felt to be believed, it is so soft that anyone who puts on a coat or feels someone else’s has a look of delight immediately.

Then we found the softest pure down (no feathers or quill shafts) which guarantees the ‘loft’ and ensures they remain puffy at all times. This is important as when you are wrapped wearing one there are no air spots to let the cold in. The coat hugs you like a cocoon.

They are also an amazingly light coat, you really don’t know you are wearing one and therefore can enjoy the outdoors when oaths people are suffering from the cold. Our coats will keep you warm as if you were snuggled in bed.

We have made the zip just below full length and it is two way, there are pop studs for a stop flap on the Sha coat and the pockets are deep and comfortably placed. Maybe best of all the sleeves are long enough to be rolled down to cover your hands or rolled back for a stylish cuff detail.

Pure handmade luxury.